highway to paradise: the ancient appian way private tour

A half day dedicated to the “Regina Viarum” (the queen of roads) and the archeologcal and naturalistic park created around it. You can visit the ancient gate of St. Sebastian and feel like travellers of the “Grand Tour” in the outskirts of ancient Rome, rediscovering ancient cults, catacombs, temples and mausoleums, medieval towers and Renaissance country houses. This walk will connect the pleasure of nature with the monumentality of the archeological traces. You can choose if you want to stroll or ride a bicycle so we can customize this tour as you like the most.

This tour is highly recommended on Sunday, when the whole Ancient Appian way is close to the traffic if you want to move by foot or by bicycle. During the weekdays it is better to cover part of the distances by the comfortable bus no. 218 (saving energy and having more time for the visit of the single monuments).

Suggested for: nature lovers, off beaten tracks, photographers, a day off.

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