ancient rome private tour: a half day in the ancient city center

The ancient Rome’s center of power is still living: it is offered to our eyes silent with its suggestive ruins. Our adventure together is to give a voice to time which changes and gives a new shape to any human invention. We will visit the Palatine hill, standing out against the city center and dominating it, where the masters of Rome – kings, senators and emperors – lived and died. Then we will gently move down the Roman Forum valley, the ancient central square with its market, the temples of Vesta, Saturn and the deified emperors, with the seat of the political and judicial activities in the Senate house and the basilicas. The Colosseum with its huge bulk will welcome us among its pillars and walking through the galleries, the arches and the stairways we will live back the history of the monument, from the golden age of the shows and the spectacular mortal games and beyond, to the medieval plundering and the Christian use of a monument that still today celebrates the Roman building genius and tells a lot about this ancient civilization.

Suggested for: good walkers, little time but want to see everything, better in the morning

Duration: 3hrs

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rome’s origins: private tour of the capitoline museums and stunning view over the main forum

The Capitoline Museums are the most ancient public museum of the world. For the richness and wideness of the collection, for the beauty of the palace they don’t fear any challenge with the Louvre and the Vatican Museums but with less crowd! We’ll start with the somptuous square designed by Michelangelo, framed on three sides by the museums. During the visit inside we’ll walk through the history of Rome using rare archeological findings and the most famous masterpieces of ancient statuary: the bronze she-wolf, still today symbol of this city; the bronze Hercules and the unique equestrian statue of emperor Marcus Aurelius. The visit will be concluded with a spectacular and unequalled view over the Roman Forum, seen from the structures of the Tabularium the ancient national archive of the Roman State, still preserved and accessible.

This visit is focused on the ancient art collection, but if you prefer painting we can modify the path and visit instead the gallery exhibiting artworks by Tiziano, Tintoretto, Rembrandt, Caravaggio (just to name a few) and the apartment of Conservatori (ancient supreme civil charge of medieval and renaissance Rome).

Suggested for: out of the most beaten tracks, art lovers, archeology lovers, any weather condition

Duration: 3hrs

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highway to paradise: the ancient appian way private tour

A half day dedicated to the “Regina Viarum” (the queen of roads) and the archeologcal and naturalistic park created around it. You can visit the ancient gate of St. Sebastian and feel like travellers of the “Grand Tour” in the outskirts of ancient Rome, rediscovering ancient cults, catacombs, temples and mausoleums, medieval towers and Renaissance country houses. This walk will connect the pleasure of nature with the monumentality of the archeological traces. You can choose if you want to stroll or ride a bicycle so we can customize this tour as you like the most.

This tour is highly recommended on Sunday, when the whole Ancient Appian way is close to the traffic if you want to move by foot or by bicycle. During the weekdays it is better to cover part of the distances by the comfortable bus no. 218 (saving energy and having more time for the visit of the single monuments).

Suggested for: nature lovers, off beaten tracks, photographers, a day off.

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colosseum private tour

The Colosseum is one of the best sites to help us understanding the Roman society: its structure organized in rigid hierarchies; the game of politics and the manipulation of public opinion; the taboos, superstitions and the everyday habits of the common man. Finally the slaves, roaring motor of the Roman economy employed in any activity, including the entertainment industry with the gladiators, acrobats, hunters and wild  animals tamers. This guided tour goes in depth dealing with all these aspects.

The tour is also recomended to those having walking problems or to the visitors who don’t want to face the fantastic though demanding and long walk from the Colosseum to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill in one solution, especially during the summer heat. But you won’t be missing anything: you can visit at your own pace the other two archeological areas of the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill in a separate moment using the Colosseum entrance ticket which expires after 48h from the first validation.

Suggested for: family, not good walkers, gladiators lovers, any weather condition

Duration: 2hrs

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