ancient rome private tour: a half day in the ancient city center

The ancient Rome’s center of power is still living: it is offered to our eyes silent with its suggestive ruins. Our adventure together is to give a voice to time which changes and gives a new shape to any human invention. We will visit the Palatine hill, standing out against the city center and dominating it, where the masters of Rome – kings, senators and emperors – lived and died. Then we will gently move down the Roman Forum valley, the ancient central square with its market, the temples of Vesta, Saturn and the deified emperors, with the seat of the political and judicial activities in the Senate house and the basilicas. The Colosseum with its huge bulk will welcome us among its pillars and walking through the galleries, the arches and the stairways we will live back the history of the monument, from the golden age of the shows and the spectacular mortal games and beyond, to the medieval plundering and the Christian use of a monument that still today celebrates the Roman building genius and tells a lot about this ancient civilization.

Suggested for: good walkers, little time but want to see everything, better in the morning

Duration: 3hrs

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