the donkey ears

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was the undiscussed master of Roman baroque: with his talent and his charming personality he was sought after by popes, cardinals and princes. He worked for all the powerful men of his times achieving spectacular works like the canopy for St. Peter’s, the Ecstasy of St. Theresa, the Apollo and Daphne.

The trust that his committents had in him was absolute and he was praised even in his failures. He was commissioned by pope Urban VIII to embellish the church of Santa Maria ad Martyres that is the name given to the pagan temple Pantheon after it was cansecrated to the Christian cult.

Bernini made two horrible bell towers that were named by the “uneducated” people the donkey ears referring to the poor ability of Bernini as an architect and underlining how awkwardly they paired with the ancient beautiful building. The bell towers were not removed until 1883 when it was decided for the demolition giving back to the Pantheon its original harmony.


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