a breakfast in rome

Easter’s early morning on the tables of the Romans who respect the tradition is a peculiar moment. For the Christian religion this moment celebrates the end of a 40 days long fasting and the coming back to normal life, in Rome this day starts with a rich banquet with salted and sweet courses where the principal food is lamb representing the body of Christ and eggs as a symbol of resurrection.

The sweet food is represented by “pizza sbattuta” (whipped pizza), a sort of sponge cake that is eaten with the traditional chocolate eggs, a good occasion for the kids to unwrap the eggs and find the gifts inside. Nowadays it is often replaced by a northern Italian cake named “colomba” (dove), a long leavened cake topped with almons and crunchy sugar.

The salted part served is richer, with some recipes strange to eat early in the morning. Any family has its traditions, but some of the most common courses is “coratella” with artichokes (a stew of liver, heart, lungs of lamb). To complete this light meal you can find some savoury pies, corallina (a typical salami with big pieces of lard) and hard eggs that can be decorated with colours to be eaten with the tasty Cheesy Easter pie.

Ready for lunch then?


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