rome’s origins: private tour of the capitoline museums and stunning view over the main forum

The Capitoline Museums are the most ancient public museum of the world. For the richness and wideness of the collection, for the beauty of the palace they don’t fear any challenge with the Louvre and the Vatican Museums but with less crowd! We’ll start with the somptuous square designed by Michelangelo, framed on three sides by the museums. During the visit inside we’ll walk through the history of Rome using rare archeological findings and the most famous masterpieces of ancient statuary: the bronze she-wolf, still today symbol of this city; the bronze Hercules and the unique equestrian statue of emperor Marcus Aurelius. The visit will be concluded with a spectacular and unequalled view over the Roman Forum, seen from the structures of the Tabularium the ancient national archive of the Roman State, still preserved and accessible.

This visit is focused on the ancient art collection, but if you prefer painting we can modify the path and visit instead the gallery exhibiting artworks by Tiziano, Tintoretto, Rembrandt, Caravaggio (just to name a few) and the apartment of Conservatori (ancient supreme civil charge of medieval and renaissance Rome).

Suggested for: out of the most beaten tracks, art lovers, archeology lovers, any weather condition

Duration: 3hrs

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